About Me

Hi, I'm Jamsheed! 👋

I'm a rising freshman at UC Berkeley studying computer science. I love programming: I'm always working on a side project, some of which are listed below.

When I'm not at school or working on a side project, I love spreading my passion for CS with other students through hackathons: in the past, I've been the Lead Director of Los Altos Hacks as well as the Logistics Manager of CodeDay Bay Area.

I've also been practicing Taekwondo for 11 years, and as a 4th degree black belt, I teach classes to students of all ages at Tiger Martial Arts. I'm also a certified Taekwondo referee under the USA Taekwondo Association.

This website gives a general overview about me and what I've accomplished in the past. You can find out more about my specific positions and accomplishments on my LinkedIn or on my resume!


I love creating things that have an impact on people. Here are a handful of projects that I've worked on in the past!

Reflect - Reflect is custom built software for a "magic mirror" that I built from scratch (YouTube demo). This digital mirror responds to voice commands, plays music, and displays the current news headlines, time, date, weather, and current Bitcoin prices.
TigerScore - TigerScore is an online testing form system for martial arts academies. Designed for ease of use, the app lets instructors test students easily using any smart device. It handles payments, form submissions, parent notification, and much more. I originally designed it for my martial arts academy but eventually made it open source for everyone to use.
Pseudo Code - Pseudo Code is an educational web application whose purpose is to introduce programming in an easy-to-understand way using a custom-designed English-to-code parser. It won the "Best Web Application" award at San Mateo Hacks 2017.
Somsed - Somsed is a web-based graphic calculator that can graph functions, solve systems of equations, row-reduce matrices, and can even do statistical regressions.
FakeMail - FakeMail is one of the only reputable & free spoof emailers. FakeMail takes advantage of the poor infastructure that email was built on to allow users to send emails from anyone in a legal way.

Skills & Proficiency

JavaScript & jQuery





Unix System Administration